Patsy Cline Yodeling “Lovesick Blues” Showcases Iconic Talent

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A legacy that will be in the history book the end of time. The elegant Patsy Cline brought flavor and unforgettable talent to the country music world that no one saw coming. Known for her richly-toned voice, she quickly became an icon and inspired many singers who came after her. Although she is remembered for her gorgeous vocals, she didn’t just use them for singing.

A Hank Hit

While performing live on Jubilee USA, Cline did her own rendition of the Hank Williams hit, “Lovesick Blues.” Williams released the song in February of 1949 and it became an instant hit success. With over 50,000 copies sold within the first two weeks of its release, Williams had brought a new sound to country music. It wasn’t long before “Lovesick Blues” became known as Williams signature song, leaving fans still swooning over it.–OMIm0VauV50Ue9evjYhj9D5QRSy7wFBmLtR1PZMNq5-_90WbvLCN2mZ4a5yThCFCXI52OX3dS3-QEArvu3rOjZ8lTYysY3_Aw4hfgHzWGurpYFZlYwSfYCcJ5B6fYkcpHTYhdMZILRqQT2_vsWPgY0GfxdMQ3NGUZ1ag61sNfPBZpTAsIgcE7VmIES6OBQ4az_dcu9jyuExK92Aft6XlUAfHJ62Dc7KKc_sJKZo-meMFT_QRN3kPvsY5tbEASQBq1ff_Cqn8O647ELD1f1yluU2T8a2808KIn4Ed33I3rc9XV3spqSVeWLqcl1RBg200TKR3Xb2UuHOpCfFvwDnKRvlrUI38qzTR-a6sRJQXTNo&theater

Patsy’s Unique Talent

As Cline took the stage after a much-anticipated intro from Eddy Arnold she jumped right into the song. In a long white skirt with a striped button-up, the country icon graced the audience with her powerhouse vocals. Cline hit every note with flying colors without a smile leaving her face. For the final verse of the song, she goes into her highest octave to hold out the note.

The audience went wild, with claps and cheers resonating throughout the studio.

You won’t be able to take your eyes off the screen while watching this incredible performance. She has you hooked from the very first note until the last.