Person Mauled By Bear At U.S. National Forest

John Thomas @capturelight / UnSplash

According to an official statement released by the Custer Gallatin National Forest, a bear mauled and severely injured a visitor near Baker’s Hole Campground.

The closure includes Boundary Trail that starts from the town of West Yellowstone and heads north. The investigation is currently ongoing and officials and have not given an update yet on the status of the individual. Park rangers say the area will remain closed but will re-opened when it is safe to do so.

“Effective immediately all Custer Gallatin National Forest System lands from the boundary of the town of West Yellowstone heading north to the Transfer Station Road #6794 and east of highway 191 to the Yellowstone National Park boundary are closed,” they wrote on Facebook.

Their statement also mentioned they will provide a closure map later so the public knows exactly what part of the area is closed off. We’ve placed the map below so you can take a look at it.

Officials said the victim was taken to an Idaho Falls hospital where they are being monitored and cared for by doctors. All they know at this time is the person was “seriously injured.” 

Investigators are waiting to speak with the victim who has been unable to do so. Until then, it’s not clear on the species of bear that did the attack. They are hoping to provide more details to the public soon. Click below to watch the official news report video to learn more about the ongoing situation.