Photos: Chevy Cavalier Ice Fishing Shanty Selling On Facebook For $2k

Robin Foskett / Facebook

Usually, when it comes to ice fishing, most people have to lug around a heavy shanty on a trailer pulled by a truck or some other method.

However, one gentleman named Robin Foskett has created one of the most unique and easy-to-use shanties ever seen and he’s selling it on Facebook marketplace for $2,000.

“1996 Chevy Caviler, Ice shack-unique, one of a kind. Must see, has wood stove, drop down table & chairs, radio, and more. Located at 445 Washington Jct Rd, Hancock,” Robin wrote in his Facebook post.

Photos show that he’s converted his 1996 Chevy Caviler into an ice fishing shanty that can be easily driven around on the ice once it’s gotten thick enough to drive on.

Robin Foskett / Facebook

He basically built a painted green and white wooded shed with a tin roof that he’s somehow managed to sit on top of the car and perfectly merge with the Chevy.

From the outside, you can see that it’s got windows all around the vehicle so that those inside can see what’s going on outside.

In fact, one of the windows is actually used to look through while driving and there are controls mounted to the wall inside to navigate the vehicle.

Robin Foskett / Facebook

Like it’s said on his Facebook post, the shanty has got a wood-burning stove and metal chimney pipe that runs out the side of the shanty.

On the inside of the shanty, you can see from the photos that the stove is surrounded by metal walls to keep the wooded interior safe from catching fire.

Robin Foskett / Facebook

The shanty’s got shelves, places to hang things, and two chairs that come with a flip-down table to use for preparing fish or whatever else you’d like to use it for.

He’s really thought of a genius way to conveniently go ice fishing that protects you from the elements while making it easy to take out, use, and drive back home once you’re done.

If anyone is interested in seeing it, they can drive out to Hancock, Maine, and take a look at it in person before deciding if they want to purchase it or not. If you’d like to see the listing on Facebook and the rest of the photos, click here.

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