Pickle Popsicles Exist – And They’re Sold On Amazon

ModernMakery / PickleInAPouch / Instagram

Pickle lovers, rejoice!

Van Holten is famous for their pickle in pouches, so much so that their Instagram handle is “PickleInAPouch.”

They have many different flavorings for their pouch pickles, including a hot and spicy one they call “Hot Mama.”


They also have packaged sliced pickles, as well as a pickle juice drink mixer!


One product that is perfect for the upcoming summer months is their Pickle-Ice, a pickle-flavored freeze pop!


The flavored popsicle is perfect for a hot day, especially if you are feeling a little dehydrated! Pickle juice is actually really good for hydrating thanks to all the electrolytes, and other essential minerals in it.

Van Holten

You’re probably wondering where you can get your hands on some of these, and we have the answer for you – Amazon! You can buy the 48-pack, or the bag of 8.


The bags of 8 are already sold out, so 48-count is all that’s left, and we’re sure they’re about to sell out, so get some while you can!


Watch Lindsay Funston with Delish help make some pickle pops and try them in the video below!