Raspberry Lemonade Flavored Mountain Dew Available For Limited Time

jakethesnake3685 / Reddit

Mountain Dew is launching an all-new, raspberry lemonade flavor and it’s going to be rather hard to get. According to a Reddit user who works at the Mountain Dew factory, this new flavor is coming out in a couple weeks. The limited-edition flavor will be on sale exclusively available at Speedway, a convenience store and gas station chain that operates in 36 states, mostly on the East Coast and in the Midwest.

Grabbed one of the first ones fresh off the bottling line
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The label sports a black-and-white checkered border and a ferocious-looking race car with teeth.

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The new beverage features traditional Mountain Dew flavor with a blast of raspberry lemonade so you can be refreshed, as well as wired from caffeine. The liquid itself is a burgundy-orange color. According to what’s labeled on the bottle, this is a limited edition, so you better race over to a Speedway and grab one while you can.

If you aren’t close to a Speedway store, you can always mix Mountain Dew and raspberry lemonade on your own, or you could watch the video below to learn how to make an even crazier drink using Mountain Dew or any soft drink of your choice.