Kacey Musgraves Dyes Hair Light Brown – Shows Off New Look In Photos

(Left) Giovanni Delgado / Instagram/(Right) Kacey Musgraves / Instagram

Kacey Musgraves met her hair stylist Giovanni Delgado five years ago at a salon in Nashville. Over those five years, Delgado has styled Musgraves’ hair for a number of important performances, events, and photo opportunities.


Delgado spoke about his experience styling Musgraves in an interview with CR Fashion Book in January 2020. He said when it came to styling Musgraves’ long, black locks, the pair locked toward famous figures such as Emmylou Harris, Crystal Gayle, and Cher.

The two have also worked with wigs. Perhaps the most famous wig Delgado has ever styled for Musgraves was the wavy blond wig she rocked as “Barbie” at the 2019 Met Gala:

I got two wigs and put them together with color, toned, and set them,” Delgado told CR Fashion Book. “To get those really pretty Barbie curls and waves, we did an old school curler set on the wig, so everything rolled under and then the top part rolled back. We brushed it out and popped it on her, and she was ready to go.”


Delgado said he and Musgraves often use wigs so she can change up her look without damaging her natural hair. In December 2019, Delgado made another wig for Musgraves, which was a long bob he dyed a smokey brown color.

We were obsessing over how in the ‘70s the brown tones were so smokey, and it’s almost like a greyish-brown,” Delgado said. “It turned out super cute.”

The below photos showcase the wig Delgado was talking about.


It seems like Delgado and Musgraves loved the smokey brown look so much, they decided to dye her hair that color for good!

On July 21, Musgraves shared a set of photos revealing a new, light brown hair color. She captioned the pictures “soft serve” and tagged Delgado.


Delgado also posted about Musgraves’ new hair color. 

gave @spaceykacey soft 70s brown hair + makeup,” Delgado captioned a picture of Musgraves flaunting her new look.


Between Musgraves’ current “everyday” look and all the events he’s styled her for, Delgado’s talent as a hair stylist is clear. Tune in to the video below to hear Musgraves talk about one of the iconic looks Delgado helped her create…her 2019 Met Gala look.

What do y’all think of Musgraves’ new hair color? It’s a big change from her usual one, that’s for sure!