Reba Finally Opens Up About Heartbreak & Finding New Love

YouTube/Nashville Country Club

After enduring a painful divorce she says that she never wanted, this longtime country superstar and, now, gospel singer is opening up about the past…and what she’s looking toward in the future.

Sitting down to talk about her newest two-part album that’s both gospel and country, Reba McEntire opens up about how the sheer act of recording these songs have helped her heal from the wounds of the past – and how they’ve helped her look forward toward a better future.

“The album was definitely part of the healing,” She told Taste of Country. “It helped me through a lot. When you’re doing songs like ‘From the Inside Out,’ that’s very true. You can heal but you heal strong and more securely if it’s from the inside out instead of the outside in.”

In 2015, Reba’s more than 20-year marriage with producer Narvel Blackstock came to an abrupt end and she was left devastated, at one point, revealing in an interview that it wasn’t something she wanted. Through all the heartbreak and churning emotions that come with experiences like that, Reba reveals that starting the new album was a significant part of making it through those dark days.

What was supposed to be a single album of both old and new material quickly turned into a double album featuring songs that spoke directly from her heart and helped her look inside and turn to God for healing and rebuilding. It was through this that she found a new outlook toward events of the past.

“I would say I am real close to being healed. I feel a lot better at this point in the year than I did a year ago, or even six months ago,” Reba continued. “What I’m learning is to live every day and take that day to live it. And don’t think about the past. What’s past is past; you can’t do anything about it except forgive, forget and go on. And then the future, that’s tomorrow.”

With her leaving the past in the past and moving on toward bigger and better things (like this incredible new album) Reba admits that she can see love on the horizon!

“Yes, I’m ready to go back in love,” She confessed. “When you get to point in your life where you’re back, you think, ‘Well, I gotta fix me before can I go out and have a relationship with somebody else.’ And I think I’m getting close. I think I might be a great companion or partner now.”

We are so happy to hear that she is looking forward with an open mind and we’re thrilled that she chose to craft this delightful new album! Wishing Reba the absolute best and happiness in her future!

Watch Reba’s interview in the video below!