Remember Debbie Reynolds’ Surprising “Singin’ In The Rain” Scene Where She Pops Out Of A Cake?

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A true part of Hollywood royalty and one of the most beloved actresses worldwide, Debbie Reynolds had it all throughout her adventures on screen and on stage!

Embarking on a 68-year career, the young Debbie Reynolds became a major Hollywood star seemingly overnight after dazzling several studios with her performance in varying movies and musicals.

Just a few short years later, Reynolds landed herself a major part in what would become the biggest success of her career, a co-starring role in the movie-musical, Singin’ In The Rain. The 18-year-old was still fairly new to the scene and took on co-star Gene Kelly as a mentor, whom she credits with teaching her to dance for the film!

“He made me a star. I was eighteen and he taught me how to dance and how to work hard and be dedicated,” Reynolds said of Kelly, calling him a “great dancer and cinematic genius.”

Throughout her sparkling career as an actress, singer, dancer, and renowned businesswoman, Reynolds would keep a stunning outlook and bubbly sense of humor that stole the nation’s heart every time they saw her.

While Singin’ In The Rain was only modestly successful when it premiered during the spring of 1952, the musical comedy gained traction as time went on and has often been called the best movie musical ever made, ranking fifth on AFI’s 2007 Greatest American Films list.

Tragically, Debbie Reynolds passed away at the age of 84 on Wednesday, December 28th, 2016 from what has been reported as a stroke. Just one day before, she had lost her beloved daughter, Carrie Fisher, who succumbed to complications stemming from a massive heart attack just days beforehand.

In this unforgettable and timeless scene from the 1952 career-making film, Singin’ In the Rain, Reynolds pops out of a cake during an impromptu performance for some of the folks at fictional movie studio Monumental Pictures, where she shocks Gene Kelly’s character who had just seen her moments before – and this wild meeting was something she never expected (her expression says it all!).

After a moment of surprise by the both of them, she hops right in line with her other chorus performers as they toss streamers about and sing the classic number, “Dream of You” and delight the party attendees with their quick-steps and synchronized shuffles. For this being Reynolds’ first movie with heavy dancing sequences, she surely did a great job!

Watch one of the most memorable and historic scenes from this great piece of Debbie Reynold’s remarkable career below!