Riley Strain Was Found By Workers Pulling Debris From River, According To Police

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The body of missing 22-year-old Riley Strain has been located two weeks after his disappearance

After an extensive and highly publicized search for missing college student Riley Strain, a body was recovered this morning (March 22) in the Cumberland River, about 8 miles from downtown Nashville. Metro Police Nashville confirmed the discovery:

According to police, a worker found Strain under some debris in the river at approximately 7:28am. Officials were called and immediately responded to the scene. The medical examiner arrived shortly after that and was able to positively confirm the identify of the body.

Approximate vicinity where Riley Strain was located via News Channel 5

Police Cheif John Drake confirmed that Strain was found still wearing the noticeable black and white shirt that he had on the night he went missing, despite one report that a homeless man was seen wearing it days later.

A full toxicology test as well as an autopsy will be conducted.

What happened to Riley Strain?

Riley Strain, a junior at the University of Missouri, was visiting Nashville with a group of his fraternity brothers on March 8th. Around 9:30pm, he was kicked out of Luke Bryan’s downtown bar after staff believed that he had been “overserved.”

At the time, Strain told friends that he would return to their hotel, but never arrived. He was reported missing the next morning.

Metro Nashville Police, the United Cajun Navy, Strain’s family members, and concerned local citizens have worked together over the last two weeks to locate the young man and find any clues related to his disappearance.

Survelience footage from cameras on nearby businesses helped to piece together Strain’s steps after leaving the Broadway bar.

Additionally, a debit card with Strain’s name on it was found Sunday along the banks of the Cumberland. These discovered led officials to focus the majority of their search efforts along the river and the close surrounding area.

At this time, foul play is not suspected in the disappearance and death of Riley Strain. Investigators believe the most likely explanation is that the young man fell down an embankment into the river and drowned.

This is a developing story – check back for updates.

We are sending our deepest condolences to Riley Strain’s loved ones.