Ronnie Dunn Stuns Fans By Announcing Future Duet With…Reba McEntire!

Ronnie Dunn and Reba McEntire have one of the most famous friendships in all of country music. The two have collaborated on multiple occasions along with Kix Brooks, the other half of Brooks & Dunn.

The three country icons teamed up in 1998 for the #1 hit single, “If You See Him/If You See Her,” which was sung between McEntire and Dunn as a duet, with Brooks singing harmony vocals to Dunn. They joined forces for another chart success in 2008, called “Cowgirls Don’t Cry.” The song was originally recorded by only Brooks & Dunn, but one month after it entered the charts they recorded it again as a duet with McEntire, and that version hit #2 on the charts.

In recent years, Brooks & Dunn and McEntire have been entertaining crowds together in Las Vegas through an occasional series of concerts, with another run of shows starting on November 30th. Dunn and McEntire even travelled to Italy last fall and he shared a video of her standing up and singing in the middle of dinner.

Now, Dunn is set to share a different type of performance with McEntire…a new duet!

Dunn spoke about the duet during an interview with Rolling Stone about his upcoming untitled album. The duet, called “Still Feels Like Mexico” is not a fun-loving tune like you would expect from the title. But rather, Dunn explained it is more of a reflective song about lost love.

It’s about going to the beach and staying at a cheap motel and partying, like everybody does in Cancun,” he said. “It’s two people reminiscing, looking back at what it was like.

Dunn’s new album also includes a reunion of sorts between him and Brooks, since Brooks is featured on its first single “Damn Drunk.”

Knowing how extraordinary Dunn’s collaborations with McEntire have been in the past, we can’t wait to hear “Still Feels Like Mexico.” In the meantime, enjoy listening to another one of their tunes we’re sure you know well, “Cowgirls Don’t Cry.”

If Dunn’s new album has a duet with McEntire AND Brooks, then that’s one thing we’re anxious to get our hands on!