When This 3-Year-Old Hears THIS Carrie Underwood Song…She FREAKS OUT!

YouTube/Horacio Cambiero

In one of the most energetic performances of Carrie’s huge chart-topper, this pint-sized princess goes full throttle during a backseat all-out jamfest!

Obviously a future star in the making, the three-year-old won’t let the restraints from her carseat stop her from throwing down some wild moves to her favorite beat!

She adorably knows nearly all the words to Carrie Underwood’s “Good Girl” and even razzes the performance up with her signature dance moves that include a mild amount of head-banging!

This hilarious video will for sure have you hitting “replay” and giggling at her dedication to the performance arts – and all at just the age of three!

Watch this fun video below! It’s sure to make you smile!