NASCAR Driver Banned From Racing For Lying About Age

AP Photo

After he competed and won a recent race, NASCAR launched an investigation following rumors of falsified documents.

The 15-day investigation has resulted in the indefinite suspension from racing for Andrew Molleur after officials determined that he had “provided false information” to obtain his NASCAR permit.

According to NBC Sports, several local news outlets had given reports that conflicted what Molleur stated on his registration for a NASCAR Learner’s Permit and that was what sparked the sporting league to investigate.

Molleur became the youngest SK Light Modified winner during a recent Connecticut race, and that’s when NASCAR began to look into his documents.

The official rules require a driver to be 14 years old in order to qualify for a Learner’s Permit and compete in a D-2 race (such as the one Molleur won), but news outlet The Bulletin, referenced Molleur as only being 12-13 years old.

The track’s general manager where Molleur competed was made aware of concerns of his age by competitors earlier in the season.

On Monday, August 1st, NASCAR released a statement about Molleur’s suspension.

“The driver, Andrew Molleur, has been indefinitely suspended from NASCAR for the following infractions: Section 3-11.1A.1.: To be eligible for a NASCAR Learner’s Permit as a race vehicle driver, a NASCAR Member, at a minimum, must be at least 14 years of age; Section 12-1: Actions detrimental to stock car racing; and Section 12-4H2.: Provided false information on the NASCAR license application.”

While it is believed that NASCAR officials conducted a very thorough investigation, Molleur’s father is contesting that they are simply running wild with the news report, and he makes it sound as if there is factual evidence to prove his age.

“At the beginning of the year, I discussed it with a couple track owners and stuff and said this is what we have, this is what we’re doing,” Mike Molleur told The Bulletin. “There’s no reason you shouldn’t let us race because of what someone says, here’s what we have.”

We are not certain where this is headed, and after a big win like Molleur had – it would be a hard blow if the allegations are proven.

Watch the video below of the SK Light race that Molleur won in Connecticut and let us know what you think of this situation in the comments below.