Sadie Robertson & Fiancé Christian Get Their Marriage License

Sadie Robertson / Instagram

Duck Dynasty star Sadie Robertson is checking the last few things off her wedding to-do list.

Recently, she has moved out of her Nashville home and into a house she and her future husband, Christian Huff, will live together.

On November 9, she documented the emotional day on Instagram. She posted a photo of herself in an empty room with the caption, “Moving: ALL THE FEELS. Too many words so I’ll just use emojis.”

The next thing she and Christian did was get their marriage license! She documented the exciting time on her Instagram.

“This chapter of life is called marriage license and a mustache and I couldn’t be happier about it,” she said referencing the new mustache Christian was rocking.

According to their online registry, the big day is on November 25, 2019 – in a little over a week!

While we wait for wedding content, watch their engagement video below.