Wild Boars Dig Up Drug Dealers’ Cocaine, Snort It & Spread It Across Italian Valley

photo credit: Instagram / absolute_wildboar

Wild Boars Snort Drug Dealer’s Cocaine

According to Sky News, a pack of wild boars dug up 22 thousand dollars worth of cocaine drug dealers buried in the Valdichiana valley of Italy and snorted a large portion of it before scattering the rest all across the valley.

The Wild Boars Lead To The Capture Of The Drug Dealers

The drug dealers put the cocaine in jars thinking it would be safe but apparently the jars were not strong enough to keep the feral hogs from sniffing out the stash and busting them open.

Sky News reported that the police somehow found out who the drug dealers were and wiretapped their phone lines. Listening to their calls, they figure out it was three Albanians and one Italian who were responsible for burying the drugs.

They also heard on the call that the dealers were trafficking close to two kilos of cocaine every 30 days to Siena and Arezzo, two cities located in Italy. The authorities tracked down the men and put two of them put in jail and the other two under house arrest.

The hogs’ mischief lead to shutting down the dealers’ operation that has been going on since Septemeber of 2018 and with the officials now aware of criminals the country of Italy and the two major cities mostly affected are now safer.