HOA Demands Texas Family Remove Christmas Decorations Because “It’s Too Early”

YouTube / News 4 San Antonio

One expectant mother who was excited for the change of season (and loves the holidays) decided to put up a few yard decorations at her San Antonio, Texas home after the first of November came around.

WOIA / YouTube / The National Desk

Much to the surprise of homeowners Claudia and Nick Simonis, they received a letter from their Home Owners Association a short time later and it was instructing them to remove the snowman from their front yard “until closer to the holiday season.”

WOIA / News 4 Antonio / Courtesy of Simonis Family

Claudia Simonis is eight months pregnant and her due date falls on Christmas Day – so she was anxious to get the decor up before her life got a little more hectic!

On November 4th, their HOA, Diamond Association Management & Consulting, sent a letter stating that “Holiday Decorations Need To Be Removed” and expressed that there may be a fine associated with the “violation.”

“I feel kind of heavy, so the earlier we can put out the decorations, the better,” Claudia told News 4 San Antonio. “Because probably in two more weeks, I’m not going to be able to build all this.”

The notice from the HOA states that the Simonis family is supposed to remove their decorations, but doesn’t state when they are allowed to put them back up – it simply says “closer to the holiday season.”

“We always abide by the rules and regulations,” said Minton. “So, when we see it in black and white, there’s no problem. But if it’s not in black and white. Who’s to say what’s what?”

As of now, the Simonis family says they are not going to be taking down the decorations.

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