Science Says Carrie Underwood’s 3rd Child Will Be A Boy

Instagram / Carrie Underwood

Having just welcomed her second child into the world on Monday, January 21st, 2019, Carrie Underwood has always dreamed of a family – even hinting that she and Mike Fisher might welcome more children to their family after the first two.

The country music princess and her former NHL star husband are big family people and even have spoken openly about adopting if another pregnancy isn’t in God’s plan for them…but if they do get pregnant, science says it will be a boy.

When Carrie first revealed her pregnancy, folks were claiming she was giving hints that she was pregnant with a girl due to a variety of elements within the announcement video.

Some thought it was due to the hue of pink she used, others thought it had something to do with what she said.

All said and done, Underwood later explained that they were expecting a second boy as their family grew. So what does this have to do with the gender of her future third baby? Pretty much everything.

Jacob Bryan Fisher was born on January 21st, 2019, and if science is right – the Underwood/Fisher household will be one filled with boys!

In InGender’s examination of a series of studies, if a family has two children of the same gender – the probability of the third child being the same gender goes up significantly and the odds are even higher if they’re boys.

The data shows that if a family has two boys, the likelihood of a third boy joining the mix is more than 53% and that number continues to rise with each subsequent child of the same sex.

Part of this is due to families giving birth to more boys overall than girls which are based on a number of factors all explained in the video below.

So, with science pointing to another boy for Carrie and Mike – what do you think their third baby will be if they have one?