Video Proof Luke Bryan’s Mom Is The Biggest Party Animal In Mexico

Instagram / LeClaire Bryan

It’s no secret that Luke Bryan and his family are one of the most hysterical families in Nashville. From their obnoxious pranks to endless sarcasm, we’ve seen the Bryans in quite the humorous light. While Luke and his wife, Caroline are the leaders of the pack, one member of the family always finds herself in the spotlight.

A Character At Best

Luke’s mom, LeClaire has quite the spunky attitude for her age. Her high energy and witty jokes keep everyone in a near distance laughing. Her recent use of Instagram has blown up as she continues to showcase her hilarity through her posts. Right around Christmas time, she uploaded a video of her dancing in a fur jacket inside a retail store.

It’s no surprise that she has some fly dance moves as Caroline uploaded a video of her dancing alongside her granddaughter, Jordan last summer. It all went down when a tennis match turned into a full-blown dance floor. LeClaire even used her tennis racket to pretend she was playing the guitar. As far as we’re concerned, LeClaire has proved that age definitely does not define how fun you can be!

Her Playa Party

It wasn’t long before LeClaire was back posting another hysterical video for her fans. While attending Luke’s beach party festival, Crash My Playa, she had herself a little fun. Hanging out by the pool, with two Bud Lights in hand, she gave the audience a little cooldown. Dancing in a floppy hat and red Coca-Cola tee, she started pouring her beer on the pool-goers.

Fans were loving it and cheering her on as she danced and grooved alongside the pool. She even joined some of the crowd for a little conversation after she had her fun!

When you’re done admiring her adorable dance moves, check out this hilarious video of her family scaring her with an air horn… twice.