Season 16 “Voice” Contestants Share “Most Unexpected Thing” About Blake Shelton

Access Hollywood / YouTube

Blake Gathers Big Team For Season 16

Over the course of his many seasons on The Voice, Blake Shelton has coached his fair share of contestants. And he’s led nine of those contestants to the top!

One of Shelton’s most successful Voice teams was the crew he gathered during Season 16. For a large part of the competition, he was the coach with the most artists left, eventually going into the finale with three artists on his team.

But before that, Team Blake was even bigger.

There were six artists from Team Blake who competed on the May 6, 2019 performance show, including Gyth Rigdon, Kim Cherry, and Oliv Blu.

Is Blake Really The Person He Seems To Be?

After their performances, Access caught up with the three singers behind the scenes to ask them a few questions about their time on the show. Of course, they had to ask about Shelton, and the trio offered some insight into what their coach is really like when the cameras aren’t rolling.

Rigdon confirmed that Shelton is definitely the jokester that everyone believes him to be.

But, Rigdon said that when it’s time to get to work, Shelton knows how to wind down and be strictly business.

After sharing some of the best pieces of advice their coach has ever given them, the trio shared some of the most surprising things they learned about Shelton after working with him. Blu said that she was most surprised to discover that Shelton was “exactly” who she thought he was after watching him on The Voice in the past.

The Most Surprising Thing Of All

Rigdon had a more comical answer, saying the thing that surprised him most about Shelton was his height.

At 6’5″, Shelton definitely has a tall stature! But it doesn’t translate that well on screen or in photos, so we can understand Rigdon’s shock when he realized just how tall Shelton truly is.

It’s kind of an awkward moment,” Rigdon said, explaining that he’s used to being the tallest guy in the room, “I feel little.

After hearing what he had to say, Blu and Cherry agreed, saying Shelton’s height was the #1 thing that surprised them most when they met him.

You can listen to the talented trio chat more about Shelton in their interview below.

Later on in the clip, fellow Team Blake members Andrew Sevener, Carter Lloyd Horne, and Dexter Roberts also talk about their coach! They even spill the beans on whether or not he brought Gwen Stefani, to their rehearsals!