See What Ree Drummond Had To Say When Her Niece Dressed Up As Her

Alex Drummond Scott / Instagram

Family means everything to celebrity chef and cookbook author Ree Drummond. For years, she has been sharing details about her family life on her blog, The Pioneer Woman. Her popularity grew so much and she even has her own show on The Food Network.

Her husband Ladd comes from a long line of ranchers and they raised their four kids, plus a bonus kid named Jamar they took in a few years ago, on their ranch in Oklahoma.

Not only is immediate family important to the Drummonds, so is extended family! Ree’s niece, who is a spitting image of her daughters Alex and Paige, served as the flower girl at Alex’s wedding to her husband Mauricio.

Ree’s niece, whose name is Sutton, lives in Dallas with her parents. Alex and Mauricio also live in Dallas, so we’re sure it’s nice to have family close by! Recently, Sutton’s teacher gave the students a project where they “had to pick a public or historical figure” and do a whole project on them, including dressing up as them at school.

“Sutton chose to do my mom, which was so cute,” Alex wrote on her mom’s blog. From the photos Alex posted, you can see that Sutton wrote a biography about her aunt, made a timeline of events in the her life, wrote down quotes, and decorated her presentation board in the style of The Pioneer Woman.

She also wore blue jeans, cowboy boots, a red wig, and a Drummond Ranch hat!

See the photos here!