Shark Bites Guy’s Nipple & Has To Be Pried Off

ViralVideoUK / YouTube

The shark attacked happened to a young photographer who was snorkeling and filming a shark in the Florida Keys when the shark decided to bite down onto his nipple and not let go. It happened on January 9th, 2021.

Fortunately, the snorkeler was wearing a t-shirt that provided some level of protection, but not much. With the shark still latched onto his nipple, he walked from the shallow water to the beach holding the shark in one hand and his camera in another, and then to a store looking for help.

The Sun reported an onlooker saying, “I opened the door and asked what was going on, to which he replied ‘Hey this nurse shark bite me and won’t let go. You think you could help me out?’ I told him ‘absolutely, but would you mind if I took a picture first?” He laughed and said, ‘yeah man, I need a copy of that’ and chuckled.”

A few guys gathered around with a pair of pliers trying to devise a plan to remove the shark. It took them a few minutes of strategizing but eventually, they got the shark to let go and then safely placed it back in the water. One man filmed a video of the entire incident where you can hear them joking about the situation.

Watch Shark Bites Guy’s Nipple Video Below