Simon Stops Country Girl On “AGT,” Asks For Another Song

America's Got Talent / YouTube

Simon Cowell Interrupts Country Girl’s Performance On America’s Got Talent

Country girl Dani Kerr was understandably nervous when she auditioned for America’s Got Talent. She expressed how anxious she was before she started singing for the judges.

Although Kerr’s voice was impressive, her nerves were obvious. That prompted judge Simon Cowell to interrupt her in the middle of the song.


It’s not uncommon for Cowell to stop someone or ask them to sing another song. If he doesn’t like what he hears…or thinks a performer can do better…he’ll ask them to try again.

Cowell stopped Kerr and said he could tell how nervous she was. He asked if she’d like to sing another song to prove her talent.

Singer Dani Kerr pauses after Simon Cowell stops her in the middle of her America's Got Talent audition
America’s Got Talent / YouTube

Kerr agreed, and launched into a performance of her original song, “November.” This time, she was able to power through her nerves so she could showcase her naturally raw and weathered voice.

After Kerr finished singing, judge Heidi Klum said her voice reminds her of both Miley Cyrus and Dolly Parton. Howie Mandel took things in another direction, and said Kerr reminded him of Stevie Nicks.

How Simon Responded To The Second Song

When it came time for Cowell to speak, he showered Kerr with praise. Although he stopped her before, it wasn’t because he was unimpressed. He could hear the beauty in her voice, and wanted her to succeed.

Cowell gave Kerr quite the compliment when he told her she has one of his “favorite” voices he’s heard on AGT all season. 

The other judges seemed to agree with Cowell’s positive assessment. They all gave Kerr a “yes” vote, which means she’s advanced to the next stage of the competition!

Viewers also loved Kerr’s performance. Some of the comments on Youtube were:

“When Simon stops someone singing, he’s listening very carefully and just knows the person could do and be better with a different song. He’s Amazing how he just knows !”

“I love her voice….I knew she was going to kill it with that second song.”

“Wow!! I’d go to her concert right now. I hope she keeps going with her music because she’s gonna make it.”

“She overcame a hurdle of shyness and stage fright, and I was so happy for her. She has a beautiful voice and a great southern twang just right for country music.”

“She has a wonderful classic country voice. Nice to hear.”

Head below to watch Kerr’s AGT audition. We’re rooting for this cowgirl!