Crocs Cowboy Boots Have Arrived! (It’s Not A Joke)

@Huckberry / Twitter

Remember when Busch Beer sent the internet into a frenzy with their tweet featuring a (fake) image of Crocs designed as cowboy boots?

Some people were head over heels for the concept, while others were utterly appalled. Well, fasten your seatbelts, my Crocs-loving friends, because it seems like your dreams are about to come true!

It’s been two long years of waiting, but the moment has finally arrived. Huckberry, the renowned purveyor of all things cool, has teamed up with none other than Crocs themselves to bring you the world’s first-ever Crocs western boot. And guess what?

These bad boys can be yours for just $75! You can now rock a pair of Crocs cowboy boots when you saddle up for your next adventure, go fishing, or simply lounge around the house, effortlessly showcasing your style to impress your significant other. The possibilities are truly endless with these daring kicks.

@Huckberry / Twitter

Huckberry x Crocs Classic Western Boot

But hold your horses! Not everyone understands the glory of the Croc lifestyle, and some folks just can’t appreciate the sheer genius behind this creation. While many initially thought it was an April Fools’ prank (spoiler alert: it’s not), others wasted no time in firing off their own jokes. “No, just no,” exclaimed one skeptic. Another chimed in, “Marlboro man spinning in his grave.” Oh, the audacity!

However, let’s set the jokes aside for a moment. If you’re genuinely interested in becoming a proud owner of this groundbreaking footwear, the official Huckberry Twitter page has kindly dropped a link in the caption of their post, directing you to the place where you can finally make your dreams a reality.


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Just a word of caution, my fellow Crocs enthusiasts: brace yourself for the inevitable attention you’ll receive when you flaunt your Croots. Be prepared to fight off hoards of admirers, especially if you decide to hit the dance floor and show off your two-steppin’ skills. The combination of comfort and style these Crocs cowboy boots offer is sure to turn heads and start conversations wherever you go.

So, my dear Crocs aficionados, it’s time to embrace this meme-turned-reality and step into a world where comfort meets cowboy swagger. Grab your wallets, visit the Huckberry website, and get ready to embark on an adventure that only the boldest footwear connoisseurs can handle. The Crocs cowboy boots are here, and they’re ready to take you on a wild ride you won’t soon forget! Giddy up!

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