Snowmobilers Discover Moose Stuck In Hole & They Dig It Out

Mark Weir / Facebook

Mark Weir and a few of his buddies from Newfoundland, Canada were looking for ways to entertain themselves while everything is locked down during the coronavirus pandemic.

One thing they’ve been doing with their time is riding snowmobiles together in the pristine Canadian hills and mountains. On March 25th, 2020, they were enjoying a nice ride when a couple of the guys spotted three moose running along the edge of a pond, so they stopped to watch them.

As they were watching the moose it appeared one of them had fallen out of sight. The other two kept walking together and it made the men curious about what happened to the other moose. Once the two moose got out of the area, the guys drove over to investigate the spot where the one went missing. To their surprise, they found the missing animal had fallen into a tree well.

Here’s a diagram of a tree well / Image credit: Anna Frodesiak via Wikipedia

A tree well is the place under a tree’s branches near the trunk that doesn’t get the same amount of snow as the surrounding open space around the tree. Usually, it’s hikers, skiers, and snowboarders who fall into them. Often times people fall headfirst into the holes and the holes can get so deep people can’t climb out of them.

This was one of those holes, and it was so deep the massive moose was stuck in it. Luckily, the men were there and had a shovel, so they decided to dig him out. They dug in a way that made a ramp for the moose to walk out of. Once the guys removed enough snow the moose was able to climb out on its own.

Mark Weir / Facebook

The moose was a little scratched up on its back, but other than that it appeared to be fine. It stood there with the guys for a few seconds before trotting off into a nearby wooded area. The guys laughed with excitement and were happy they were able to free him. A video below shows them digging the moose out of the hole.

Watch Them Free The Moose From The Tree Well Below