Garth & Trisha Cover Little Big Town’s “Girl Crush” During CBS Special

Little Big Town / Instagram

Life was put on hold in early 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Restaurants, movie theaters, gyms, bowling alleys, and many other businesses closed. Schools and workplaces sent students and employees home. And sporting events, concerts, and festivals were postponed for months.

During those early days of the pandemic, country singers kept their fans entertained by livestreaming concerts online. These concerts were welcomed by fans, as they offered a temporary distraction from everything going on in the world.

After some of his fellow country stars hosted these livestreams, Garth Brooks turned one of his weekly “Inside Studio G” sessions into an online concert. He invited his wife, Trisha Yearwood to join him, and asked fans to send in requests for them to sing.

The response was overwhelming, as Garth and Trisha’s livestream drew in millions of viewers. Their stream crashed several times because so many people were trying to watch at once.

After their first concert from home was such a success, Garth and Trisha decided to host a second one. Only this time they got a major network to help them out.

Brooks and Yearwood earned a primetime special on CBS called Garth and Trisha Live! Like before, Brooks and Yearwood accepted fan requests for the concert, which aired on April 1, 2020.

The couple sang some of their own songs as well as a few covers fans asked to hear. One such cover was a  “Girl Crush” by Little Big Town.

After Brooks and Yearwood finished their performance, Yearwood confessed that was actually her first time singing “Girl Crush.” “I had never sung that one before,” she said.

But you’d never be able to tell based on her performance!

While we don’t have Yearwood and Brooks’ full “Girl Crush” performance to share with you, we do have a snippet of it. This clip was actually shared by Little Big Town, who said their phones started “blowing up” when their friends and family saw that Brooks and Yearwood were covering the song.

Watch part of the couple’s “Girl Crush” duet below.