104-Year-Old WWII Veteran Survives Coronavirus

YouTube / KOIN 6

As the COVID-19 virus tears through the nation and continues to spread throughout the world, stories of people like William Lapschies bring a welcome break in the midst of these troubling times. William “Bill” Lapschies is a WWII veteran who just celebrated his 104th birthday last Wednesday after surviving the deadly coronavirus.

At the Edward C. Allworth Veterans’ Home, Lapschies was one of the first two residents to test positive for COVID-19. He was isolated in his room on March 5th when he first started showing symptoms of being sick. On March 10th he tested positive for the virus and underwent strict quarantine measures.

It was reported a few days later that Lapschies’ temperature had spiked and his breathing had become labored. The situation was so severe that a call was made to his daughter to talk about end-of-life decisions.

However, Lapschies pushed through and as of last week met the CDC guidelines of no longer having the virus…just in time to celebrate his 104th birthday. A staff member wheeled him outside the facility wearing his face mask to see his family at a safe distance for the tremendous occasion.

Lapschies’ granddaughter, Jamie Yutzie told KOIN.

“His smile, I wish you could have seen it, That mask covers it but his smile is absolutely contagious.”

Watch the heartwarming video below.