Sturgill Simpson Stops Concert To Break Up Fighting Fans

Lew Winstead / YouTube

If their is any country singer who isn’t afraid to let his opinion be known, it’s Grammy Award-winning recording artist Sturgill Simpson.

Footage of the country singer breaking up fights during his packed shows have recently resurfaced and they are quite possibly the most badass thing ever. At a concert back in 2015, Simpson abruptly stopped mid-performance to break up a fight between fighting fans near the front of the crowd.

”C’mon y’all,” said the country singer while gesturing towards fans in the crowd. ”Everyone came to have a good time. Doesn’t matter who started it, all that matters is that it’s over.”

After taking a moment to ensure the fight was over once and for all before resuming his performance.

Simpson took home the win for ”Best Country Album” at the 2017 Grammy Awards for his album A Sailor’s Guide to Earth.

You can watch the badass video below!