Substance Abuse Forces Tony Stewart’s Team To Find Replacement

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Suspended indefinitely under NASCAR’s substance abuse rules and penalty, the No. 4 jackman, will not be returning to the track anytime soon.

Co-owned by Tony Stewart, the Stewart-Haas Racing team was included in a list of penalties and violations from the events at Watkins-Glen. Included was Michael Casto, the jackman for the No. 4 on Stewart’s team as part of Kevin Harvick’s pit crew.

The Stewart-Haas Racing team includes famous drivers such as Tony Stewart, Kurt Busch, Kevin Harvick, and Danica Patrick and they compete in the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series.

Casto is from Proctor, West Virginia and just recently got back on the track after an off-season surgery on both his knee and shoulder had sidelined him.

According to, 43-year-old Casto will be replaced by Stan Doolittle for Harvick’s No. 4 car.

In addition to the Stewart-Haas suspension, Ryan Blaney’s team received their fourth warning for failing pre-race and pre-qualifying inspection points.

What did you think of the Stewart-Haas performance during the recent 2016 Cheez-It race at Watkins-Glen?

Watch the video below from last year’s race where his car stalled and Jimmie Johnson had a spin.