Talented 13-Year-Old Bursts Into Tears Following Powerhouse Performance

America's Got Talent / YouTube

A Star Can Be Born At Any Age

Musical talent knows no age limit. In fact, some of the industry’s biggest stars got their start when they were still children. Just look at artists such as Brenda Lee and LeAnn Rimes as a few examples.

America was introduced to another potential star when 13-year-old Angelina Green’s America’s Got Talent audition aired in the summer of 2017.


Green could hardly contain her excitement as she walked on stage to introduce herself to Simon Cowell, Heidi Klum, and the other judges.

Music Helps A Young Singer Heal

As Green revealed, she has always enjoyed singing, but turned to music even more during a difficult time in her life. “I’ve been singing since forever, but I took it seriously when my parents got divorced,” she said. “And it was really hard for me. And music helped so much.

The audience and judges were already touched by Green’s story, but they were completely captivated once she started to sing. She chose the song “I’ll Stand by You,” which was originally recorded by rock group The Pretenders.

It was a big hit, and reached the 16th spot on the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

“I’ll Stand by You” gave Green the chance to show off the maturity of her voice. Seriously, once you hear her sing, you won’t believe the sound that comes out of her mouth!

A “Golden” Performance

Everyone in the room was clearly committed to Green’s singing, especially as she tackled the higher notes. They flew to their feet in a standing ovation long before she ever finished the song.

The weight of the moment got to Green once she finished her powerhouse performance. She burst into tears, prompting others in the room to become misty-eyed as well.

Anthony Ying / YouTube

Green’s performance struck a chord with Klum, who lavished praise on the talented young singer. “I really, really love what you just did,” Klum said. “To me you feel like there’s an old soul inside of that little thirteen-year-old body. And I really, really loved it.

That’s when Klum revealed that she loved Green’s performance “so much” that she was going to hit the golden buzzer for her. 


Green managed to automatically secure a spot in the competition by earning Klum’s golden buzzer.

Green broke into tears yet again as her mom rushed on stage to give her a hug. The emotions in the room were at an all-time high at that moment.

Now you can watch Green’s outstanding display of talent in her America’s Got Talent audition below. We see big things in her future!