Team Blake Member Adds Soulful Spin To Willie Nelson’s ‘Always On My Mind’

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An Intense Week On The Voice

One week during Season 12 of The Voice was full of an assortment of country covers, as the final 12 contestants aimed to impress America with their performances. With the show in the live stage, contestants could no longer rely on their coaches to save them from elimination.

Who stayed and who went was all determined by fan vote from that point forward.

We have a feeling that one member of Team Blake earned his fair share of votes following his performance on The Voice.

A fan-favorite from the start, TSoul is not a country artist by any means, but he opted to do a country cover on that particular night.

He Visited An Iconic Country Song

The song that TSoul sang is one that country fans have been familiar with for decades, Willie Nelson‘s “Always on My Mind.” But although Willie’s version is perhaps the most well-known, he wasn’t the first one to record the song.

“Always on My Mind” was first recorded in 1972 by Gwen McCrae and Brenda Lee in 1972. Elvis Presley also recorded a version of the song that same year, and experienced great success with his rendition. But Willie was the first to take it to the top of the charts, and also won a Grammy for his performance.

In total, “Always on My Mind” is known to have been recorded over 300 times.

Not all of those covers are strictly “country” in style either, as each artist brings something different to their version of the song.

Bringing The Soul To The Song

Staying true to his name. TSoul decided to add a soulful spin to his performance of “Always on My Mind.” In doing so, he managed to make the song entirely his own, mesmerizing the crowd in the process.

Will TSoul be able to win you over with his version of “Always on my Mind?” Go ahead and scroll down below to check out the video of his performance.

TSoul ended up making it all the way into the Top 8 during his season of the competition. After his cover of “Always on My Mind,” we understand why he made it there!