Teen In Car Being Dragged By Semi-Truck Waves For Help

WGN News / YouTube

A shocking video was captured in Illinois last Tuesday on Interstate 294 of a tractor-trailer driving at the speed of traffic with a car being dragged under the trailer and a living person inside.

Illinois State Police said that the incident took place around 11:40am going northbound just outside Chicago. Another driver driving behind them noticed the bizarre scene unfolding in front of them and began to film a video of it.

Illinois State Police said that 52-year-old Mohamed Yousif of East Moline, Illinois was driving the red 2014 Freightliner trailer when 19-year-old Laylisha A. Gardner driving the black 2005 Honda Accord was changing lanes and they got stuck together. 

WGN News / YouTube

In the video, Mohamed can be seen driving down the road without being bogged down by the sedan that was turned sideways and stuck underneath the trailer. It was as if he didn’t realize the car was stuck under his trailer.

As the video was being filmed you can see someone in the car putting their hand out the window and waving for help. He eventually pulled over to the side of the road and stopped. Fortunately, no injuries were reported.

Police didn’t provide any further information on if possible charges would be imposed for reckless driving. Take a look now at the crazy footage below and tell us what you think!