Woman Gets Kicked By Police Horse After Slapping It

Blazed / YouTube

During a Queen’s University homecoming celebration in Kingston, Ontario, a police horse kicked a college student after she ran up to it and slapped it on the butt.

According to the Kingston Police, Officer Murney and her partner were on a patrol that afternoon when their horses were slapped multiple times by students.

Murney said that the suspects hit her horse at 2:55pm and then ran up again and slapped it on the butt five minutes later. 

It happened for a third time around 3:30pm by the woman who was caught on video getting kicked by the horse. At this point, the horse had enough of their dangerous and disrespectful games and was laying down a warning.

“It speaks to the danger of approaching a horse and striking it from behind,” Const. Steve Koopman told Global News. “It could have been a much worse situation. The animal still kept its composure. Luckily the animal didn’t bolt and the officer wasn’t harmed.”

The students laughed as they tried to humiliate the officer by having the horse take off in a frantic run. However, by doing so, they put the officer’s life in danger, as well as the people crowded around the university which is not good.

The incident took place on Saturday, October 15, 2016, and three people were criminally charged with causing injury to a law enforcement animal.

The law in Canada says that a person can be fined a maximum fine of $10,000, or up to 18 months in prison, or both for causing injury to a law enforcement animal.

The woman in the video was released at the scene and issued a summon to appear in court. The two men who slapped the horse were arrested on site and brought to the police station and charged.

You can view the video below where it shows the woman slapping the horse on the butt and trying to run off before getting kicked by the animal.