Teenager With Asperger’s Wins School Talent Show After Impressive Alan Jackson Cover

Terry Wyatt/Getty Images (Left)/(Right) Annie Fournier/ Youtube

One high school senior had his classmates cheering with excitement as he bravely performed in his school’s talent show and wowed everyone with an upbeat Alan Jackson tune! Michael Fournier walked on the auditorium stage in a tan cowboy hat, dark shades, and a secret talent that ultimately landed him with a first place win!

Singing Jackson’s lively hit “Country Boy,” Fournier was eating up the love and praise from his audience that no doubt found their classmate’s performance beyond what anyone had expected

Fournier’s classmates began to clap along to the beat, giving this senior’s performance an extra dose of interaction and excitement from his encouraging friends! Once wrapping up his performance and placing his microphone back on the stand, the auditorium erupted in cheers and applause.

This charming song was featured on Jackson’s 2008 album Good Time, utilizing the fan favorite as his third single on the compilation. Aside from its success with his fans, the song went on to become the singer’s 25th number one hit throughout his career, topping the Billboard charts.

You’ll be blown away by this young man’s powerful stage presence and impressive vocals throughout the duration of his thrilling performance. Be sure to experience the unforgettable moment by clicking the video below.