Texas ExxonMobil Plant On Fire After Explosion, Dozens Injured

KHON /Twitter, ABC13 Houston / Twitter

The Houston Chronicle first reported this morning that the ExxonMobil plant in Baytown, Texas experienced an explosion. At the time of the news breaking, not much was known, but as time passes on throughout the day, more information is becoming available.

Just before 9:30am PST, the city of Baytown tweeted that the fire contained polypropylene material and that the company had asked that a “Shelter in Place be issued west of it’s [sic] plant and south of 330. Exxon advised this is out of an abundance of caution.”

Two hours later, six people were reported with non-life threatening injuries, while the Houston Chronicles reports that number has risen to 37.

Jason Duncan, plant manager at ExxonMobil Baytown Olefins Plant told the Houston Chronicle that the 37 people injured were taken to an off-site clinic. He said all the injuries were “minor first-degree burns and non-life-threatening.” He also said no one has been admitted to the hospital.

Around 1pm PST, the city once again tweeted, telling residents that the shelter in place had been lifted and the air monitoring they were doing did not detect anything concerning.

No word yet on if the fire is completely out.

Our thoughts and prayers are with those injured, and everyone involved. This is the fourth fire at the ExxonMobil plant since January.