Texas Family Finds Multiple Rattlesnakes Hiding In Popular Summer Yard Toy

Red Rock State Park/Facebook

Mosquitos and spiders and snakes, oh my! Summer brings out the best and worst of the critter world, especially when it’s breeding and birthing seasons.

Just ask a Texas family who got a frightening surprise when they picked up a pool noodle that was laying in their yard. According to fire officials from the Salado Volunteer Fire Department, a large rattlesnake fell out of the pool noodle when it was picked up. Upon closer inspection the homeowners realized that there were several babies still inside.

A statement posted to social media by the department warned families to keep their eyes open for the critters who often seek out a cool dark place to hide out as outdoor temperatures rise.

“Before kicking back and relaxing near your pool this summer. We are warning families to be on the lookout after a family accidentally stumbled upon rattlesnakes. When someone picked up one of their pool noodles, a large rattlesnake fell out. And they realized later that several baby snakes were still inside. With the temperatures getting hotter, it’s only natural for these snakes to be looking for a cooler place to stay. Snakes will typically seek out dark spaces, so it’s best to keep your pool toys elevated or in some type of sealed container.”

This isn’t the first time a family preparing to enjoy summer festivities found rattlesnakes in a pool noodle. In 2018, an Arizona family had a similar experience. See their story in the video below.

People are encouraged to follow a few simple steps if they encounter a poisonous snake.

1. Remain calm and do not panic. Stay at least 5 feet from the snake. Make sure to give it plenty of space.
2. Do not try to kill the snake. Attempting to kill a snake increases the chance that it will bite you.
3. Don’t throw things at the snake. Rattlesnakes may respond to this by moving toward the person doing the throwing, rather than away from them.
4. Alert other people to the snake’s location. Advise them to use caution and keep children and pets away from the area.
5. If you hear a rattle, don’t panic. Try to locate where the sound is coming from before trying to move, so you don’t step closer to the snake or on top of it.

If you or a loved one get bitten by a rattlesnake, the Texas Poison Center Network advises that you remain calm, take note of the time of the bite and remove restricting jewelry or clothing before seeking medical attention. They also say that you should never try to extract the venom by mouth, don’t use a tourniquet, take pain relievers or drink alcohol.