Johnny Cash’s Water Tower Mural Takes A Pee After Being Shot

Guy Still / Twitter

In Kingsland, Arkansas, the hometown of Johnny Cash, there’s a water tower with a silhouette of him and his guitar on it honoring the iconic legend, and guess what…the silhouette has just been vandalized!

According to the local law enforcement, a sharpshooter with a gun shot the silhouette directly in the crotch causing a leak in the water tower and making it appear as if Johnny Cash was taking a leak.

Police said there’s an investigation into who the person was that shot a hole in the tower.

According to Kingsland City Council Member, Sharon Crosby, Kingsland received a $300,000 grant that was used to entirely refurbish the interior and exterior of the city water receptacle.

KOKE FM reported Council Member Sharon Crosby saying, After realizing what had happened Tuesday morning, our water department director contacted state and local authorities regarding the vandalism. At this point we are waiting to hear more from the investigation, but Cleveland County has a very good sheriff’s department. Sheriff Jack Rogers and investigator Gary Young are working hard to find the responsible person.”

The city said that this is not the first time someone has shot at the tower. Back in 1993, another person took aim at the water tower and got charged $11,000 for the class 3 felony act.

Watch Footage Of The Johnny Cash Silhouette Peeing