The Milk Ran Dry! Watch Baby Memphis Aldean Flip Out


Jason Aldean and his stunning wife Brittany first welcomed their pride and joy baby boy, Memphis into the world on December 1st, 2017 – and ever since their social media accounts have been filled with an endless number of memories and moments of their doting family.

As many folks know, these two have been together for some time now, but elected to wait a while to have their first child together. Well, the pair was overjoyed with the arrival of little Memphis, and now they are getting to experience all the joys of parenthood – for Jason, this is his third go-around as he has two daughters with his first wife!

Speaking about becoming a father again, Aldean revealed to Bobby Bones that he is expecting the unexpected, “I think it probably helps because I kind of know what to expect, but also I think every kid’s different, you know? And it’s been a long time since I’ve had a baby at home. I think anytime a new baby is in your house, it’s tough, just trying to figure them out, their personalities and I forgot how much they eat! It’s all the time, man, like every two hours!”

He’s so right! And now, he and Brittany are figuring out just how hungry little Memphis can get!

In a new video posted to Instagram, Aldean showed the world just how “hangry” his little boy can get when his milk is gone!

“The transformation!!!” Aldean captioned the video. “#hangry.”

The footage shows wife, Brittany, feeding little Memphis from a bottle, but when the bottle goes away, his face gets all furrowed and he turns into a little grump because he wanted more milk! What a character!

Check out Aldean’s full video below and let us know if your kids were like this!