The Searing Pain Of Heartbreak Is Real In Eddie & Troy’s “Cold One Comin’ On”

montgomerygentryVEVO / YouTube

The weatherman might be right about the temperature tonight, but he surely doesn’t know how cold it feels when the one person you’ve given your heart to is swiftly stolen away from you – and you’re left alone, feeling cold.

In one of Montgomery Gentry‘s most poignant songs, these two musical masters pull out all the stops for this heart-wrenching ballad that speaks to anyone who has ever suffered a broken heart, and specifically those who have lost the one person meant for their soul.

First released in 2001 as the second single from their sophomore album, Carrying On, Eddie and Troy’s heart-stopping anthem about a cold night in the dead of the heat soared across the charts and connected on a whole new level with thousands of their fans.

“Cold One Comin’ On” talks from the point of view of a person who can’t seem to overcome the pain of losing someone so close and looks to drown their sorrows in the bottom of a bottle – but no matter where they go “a bar room or that bedroom back at home” they still feel “a cold one comin’ on”. The music video for the song depicts a woman mourning the tragic loss of her beloved husband to illness as she laid next to him during his final moments.

Watch this incredibly powerful country ballad from two of our favorite musicians in the video below.

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