Thousands Of Dollars Worth Of Equipment Stolen From Texas Singer-Songwriter

John Moreland / Facebook

Set to embark on the six-show Florida leg of his tour, singer-songwriter John Moreland revealed some saddening news. While traveling through Orlando, Florida on their way to a show in Key West on February 10,  Moreland’s band’s trailer was burglarized on Wednesday (Feb. 7).

According to the itemized list Moreland shared on his Facebook page, over 15 items were stolen from his trailer including guitars, pedal boards, switchers, amps, a power source, and leather motorcycle jackets.

Check out the full list of stolen items in the photo below.

CTL Tampa reports that the cost of everything stolen is upwards to $10,000. Todd Farrell, from the band Todd Farrell Jr. and the Dirty Birds, started a GoFundMe page for his friend, hoping to raise the money to replace everything that was stolen. At press time, which was less than a day after the page launched, almost $3,000 has been raised. If you would like to help out Moreland, click here to donate to the GoFundMe.

Moreland could wallow in sadness over what happened to him, but he isn’t letting it get him down.

A little gear theft ain’t gonna ruin my…day,” he wrote on Instagram accompanying a photo of him with a big smile on his face and his middle finger up. “See you soon, Key West.”

Moreland has been part of the Texas music scene since 2008, when he released his first album. Throughout the years, he has maintained a massive and very dedicated fan base, which includes Miranda Lambert.

She told Rolling Stone in May 2017, “I discovered John Moreland’s music at a time in my life when I really felt all alone in heartbreak. When I heard his voice and his lyrics, I didn’t feel so alone. John’s taught me that being that honest about your own feelings can help other people heal. I’m thankful for his art and how it makes me feel everything: the good and the bad.

We hope whoever stole from Moreland and his band is caught and all his gear is returned!

Watch him perform his song “Old Wounds” below.