Throwback Video Shows George Strait Singing Debut Single “Unwound”

James Stiltner YouTube Channel

George Strait was just a young singer when he made his big country music debut in 1981. Before then, he previously released a few songs which failed to chart.

Everything changed with the release of his debut single from a major label, titled “Unwound.” This song helped him establish himself as a country music star. Today, he holds the record for the most number one country songs earned by any artist.

Strait’s success with “Unwound” paved the way for a decades-long working relationship with the song’s co-writer Dean Dillon, who has written or co-written dozens of songs for Strait. Both Strait and Dillon have since been inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame.

“Unwound” was almost not Strait’s to begin with. Originally, Dillion and his co-writer Frank Dycus intended to give the song to Johnny Paycheck. But he couldn’t record it because he was in jail.

Record producer Blake Mevis then approached the songwriters and asked if they had any songs that Strait could record. They gave him “Unwound,” and the song became an instant hit, peaking at the sixth spot on the chart.

A few years back, a video resurfaced on YouTube of a young Strait performing “Unwound” on top of a boat. The clip showcases Strait’s talent, proving he had the makings of a country music superstar from the start of his career.

This clip is a real treat for any fans of Strait’s! Just goes to show why he is now known worldwide as “The King of Country!”