‘Tennessee Whiskey’ Dad & Daughter Team Up For Beautiful ‘Blue Ain’t Your Color’ Duet

Kris Jones Official YouTube Channel

One video…that’s all it took to change Kris Jones’ life forever.

Daylafulla / YouTube

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, then you know that Kris became an instant celebrity after his cover of “Tennessee Whiskey” went viral. The video was filmed in a Home Depot parking lot by his daughter, Dayla, and took off like wildfire.

The main reason the video generated so much attention is because of Kris’ outstanding vocal abilities. He powered through “Tennessee Whiskey” with so much soul, drawing comparisons to Chris Stapleton in the process.


Dayla was the other reason the video was such a hit. Although she remained silent during her dad’s little performance, her facial expressions said it all. You could tell how proud she was of him, and how much she enjoys listening to him sing.

Dayla got the chance to show off her own set of pipes in a vide Kris shared to his official channel on Wednesday. The video shows the father and daughter duo singing Keith Urban‘s “Blue Ain’t Your Color.”

Released in August 2016, “Blue Ain’t Your Color” topped the Hot Country Songs chart for an impressive total of 12 weeks in a row. It was also a major crossover success, and peaked at the 24th spot on the Billboard Hot 100.

Keith earned a Grammy nomination for Best Country Solo Performance for the song, and its songwriters also earned a nomination for Best Country Song.

Just like the first video, Kris and Dayla decided to record their cover while parked in Kris’ truck. Kris started off singing first, all while a soft karaoke track played in the background. The song gave him the chance to show off his naturally soulful sound, so we’d say that it was a good pick for him.

If you thought that Kris was great alone, just wait until Dayla starts singing! She harmonizes with him throughout the song, and their voices blend together beautifully.

It’s clear that Kris has passed both his talent and passion for music on to his daughter. We can’t wait to see what else they are both able to accomplish in the future!

In the meantime, tune in below to watch their lovely duet on “Blue Ain’t Your Color.” If you’d like see more cool content from them, be sure to like Kris’ official Facebook page by clicking here.