Tim McGraw Remembers The Moment He Finally Met His Father

Credit: YouTube / OWN

He can never forget that fateful day at just 11 years old and meeting his biological father for the very first time at the Houston Astrodome.

Tim McGraw grew up with the notion that his step-father, Horace Smith was his father until he stumbled upon his birth certificate and his mother confessed who his real father was: the famous baseball player, Tug McGraw.

It was not long afterward that they went to see Tug at a baseball game in Houston. That was the cherished moment that Tim relived recently through an aged photo where they shared a smile and matching hats.

In a recent post to social media, Tim McGraw shared this intimate moment of his childhood with the world.

“First time I met my father…… Houston astrodome,” McGraw captioned the grainy photograph.

For the seven years that followed this meeting, Tim’s father denied that he was his biological father until the day came that he couldn’t anymore: Tim was 18 and the resemblance was undeniable. It was then that Tug finally acknowledged paternity.

While they had a bumpy start to their relationship, eventually they grew very close until Tug’s passing in early 2004.

Check out this incredible moment in one of country music’s most loved musician’s life below.