Tim McGraw Shares Photos Showing How He Decorated The Christmas Tree

Tim McGraw / Instagram

Don’t try Tim McGraw‘s Christmas tree decorating technique at home.

Tim and his wife, Faith Hill, acquired a massive Christmas tree this year. There’s no way of telling exactly how tall the tree is, but trust us when we say that it’s HUGE.

It was up to Tim to decorate the top of the tree, so he yanked out an equally humongous ladder so he could reach the highest points. Even then, the ladder still wasn’t quite tall enough for Tim to easily reach the tippy top of the tree.

Tim shared a series of photos on Instagram to showcase how he managed to decorate the highest branches of his Christmas tree. A couple of the photos show Tim taking a seat on the top of the ladder while he arranges the decorations as he pleases.

That obviously seems a little dangerous, but the middle photo in the slideshow is the one that made our hearts race the most. The picture shows Tim standing on just one leg near the top of the ladder while he reaches to try and string some garland around the tree.

Tim joked about how his decorating technique wasn’t the safest thing in the world, writing in the caption that Faith was “trying to get rid of [him] before Christmas.”

We’re sure Faith was just as nervous watching Tim decorate the tree as we were looking at the pictures of him doing it. Presumably Faith took these pictures, and we’d like to think she was telling Tim to be careful the whole time!

Look below to check out the photos of Tim being a daredevil while decorating the Christmas tree. We would have been terrified, but he didn’t seem to mind the height!