Tim McGraw Sneaks Sexy New Snapshot Of Faith Hill


While she wasn’t paying attention, her country singer husband took the opportunity to sneak a quick photo of her ravishing beauty as she leaned up against the counter in the bathroom – and shared it to social media in a completely awestruck moment.

Everyone knows how much Tim McGraw adores and cherishes his wife, Faith Hill. He makes sure to point out his adoration of her every moment he gets, and he often shares this with all of his fans.

After taking off to their private Bahamian island for a quick vacation and sharing cute candid photos of one another all over social media, the two returned to the states and kicked off their 2017 Soul2Soul Tour, but that doesn’t mean McGraw’s lightning-quick camera skills were going to stop.

As Faith Hill leaded up against the bathroom counter and glanced down at her phone, she elegantly crossed her legs in such a sultry way that captured her husband’s keen eye – and he wasn’t going to let a photo opportunity like this go to waste…so he zoomed in and snapped a quick photo of her beautiful legs.

Posting this candid snapshot with his fans, McGraw gushed over his wife’s beauty, saying, “That’s my girl! Love those legs!”

It’s clear to everyone that even after an incredible 20 years together, these two still are head-over-heels, madly in love with each other.

Check out Tim McGraw’s sneaky photo of his stunning wife below and watch the video that shows off their exquisite vacation home, too.