Toby Keith Pokes Fun At His Golfing Skills In Song ‘S—– Golfer’

Toby Keith / YouTube

What Toby Does On His Time Off

By night, Toby Keith hits the stage and entertains thousands with his catalog of hits, such as “I Love This Bar” and “How Do You Like Me Now?!” But by day, you can catch Keith out on the golf course.

It turns out that Keith is one of the biggest golf fans in country music. Speaking to PGA in 2013, Keith shared that he makes it a point to golf every day if he can.

Get up, eat breakfast and play golf every single day,” he said. “Two miles from the gate of my ranch is my golf course, and every day we play golf.”

Keith’s daily game of golf is so important to him that he makes sure he gets it in even if the weather isn’t cooperating. “If the weather’s bad, we fly somewhere we can play golf,” he said. Now that’s dedication!

Using His Passion To Make Positive Impact

For the past several years, Keith has used his passion for golf to help make a difference. He does so through his Toby Keith & Friends Golf Classic event, which benefits his organization OK Kids Korral.

The organization is a saving grace for families with children battling cancer, because it provides them with a temporary place to live while the children receive treatment at the hospital.

Now, it seems that Keith’s love for all things golf is starting to influence his music as well.

Turning Hobbies Into Song Topics

During a show in Phoenix, Arizona in February 2017, Keith entertained the crowd with a little tune he made up. The whole song was golf-themed, and the audience couldn’t seem to get enough of it.

Although Keith is an avid golfer, he admits that he isn’t always the best one. This admission came through in his song, as he sang about many missed shots and poor scores.

I slice them in the bushes, crank them in the creek,” Keith sang, which surely prompted a few laughs from the crowd.

Keith went on to sing about a time that he managed to score an 83 while he was out golfing. This led him to proclaim that when he turns 88, that he thinks he’ll “celebrate it by shooting [his] age.”

At the end of the tune, Keith offered a toast to all of the terrible golfers out there like him. The crowd responded with enthusiastic cheers, as many people raised their own glasses to join in the toast.

Of course, we now know this song as “S—– Golfer,” which Keith released in 2017. He also filmed a hysterical music video to accompany the tune, so go ahead and check that out below. Just as a warning, there is a bit of foul language involved!

Who ever thought that a song about golf would be so good?