Tornado Destroys Entire Home Except Concrete Closet Family Was Inside

Andrew Phillips / Facebook

Andrew Phillips, his wife Amber and their kids are lucky to be alive after hunkering down in their safe room as a tornado completely destroyed their entire home.

The couple is from Laurel, Mississippi and Andrew is a volunteer firefighter. He looked at Facebook in the middle of the night to see the twister was closing in on them. He decided to wake the kids up and gathered everybody in their safe room they also used as a closet.

20 seconds after getting everyone in the room, that’s when it happened. The tornado came bearing down on their home ripping it to shreds. Andrew put his back against the door and pushed as hard as he could to keep it from opening.

After everything calmed down, the family opened the door to find the only part of the house left standing was that little concrete closet they were hunkered down in. The rest of the house was completely destroyed and scattered across the land.

Andrew said the family just moved into the house last month and the safe room was one of the reasons they purchased the home. They were lucky to be alive. That quick decision to get into that room saved them. Others were not so lucky. In fact, 34 people across the southern states of America died that day from tornados.

“I’m just going to let the insurance handle it and trust in the good Lord,'” Phillips said according to The Daily Mail. “We´re going to try to come back bigger and better.”

Andrew later posted a picture of his wife and kids looking into the safe room and . He said it appeared there was an angel looking down protecting them. Take a look at the photo above to see what he saw.

“Look at this picture do you see the angel looking down protecting us. That is Gods angle [sic] watching us during this storm.. You can’t tell me God isn’t real here is all the proof you need,” Andrew wrote on his Facebook post.