Trace Salutes Those Who Have Served With Thrilling Performance Of ‘Still A Soldier’

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The men and women who serve in the U.S. military can always count on Trace Adkins‘ support. The country star has never shied away from expressing his thanks to our troops, and makes a point to honor them in any way he can.

One way that Adkins helps the military is through his various performances overseas. For years, he’s worked with the USO to tour to various bases and bring a little taste of home to the men and women stationed there.

This year, Adkins toured to bases in Italy and Spain before he returned to the U.S. to continue on his nationwide tour. Tickets to those shows are sure to sell fast, so be sure to grab yours here if you’d like to see Adkins perform!

In addition, Adkins shows his support for the military through his music. He has no shortage of patriotic songs to his name, with his emotional hit “Arlington” being the most notable. So when it came time for Adkins to work on his new album Something’s Going On, it only made sense to include a song that honors those who have served.

That song became “Still a Soldier,” which was written by Phil O’Donnell and Wade Kirby. The song focuses on a former soldier who has returned home and is trying to get used to everyday life again. But even though he can now live life as a civilian, the man knows that he is “still a solider” at heart.

“Still a Solider” was released shortly before Somethings Going On hit the shelves, and fans fell in love with it right away. Knowing how much attention the song had generated already, Adkins decided it was the perfect pick to sing at his album release party with iHeart Radio in April.

Adkins sang a mix of old and new material during the gathering, including his current single “Watered Down.” But it was his thrilling performance of “Still a Soldier” that stole the entire show. Seriously, just listen to him perform the song in the video below. It’s guaranteed to give you instant goosebumps.

If you enjoyed Adkins’ live performance of “Still a Soldier,” then you’ll love how it sounds on the record! You can download your copy right here!