Trisha Yearwood Revamps ‘Wizard Of Oz’ Tune With Country Twist

Nicholas Hunt/Getty Images

Country star Trisha Yearwood took her audience on a magical journey far from home when she serenaded her fans with an incredibly sweet performance of Judy Garland’s “Somewhere Over The Rainbow”. The singer attended The Fragrance Foundation Awards where her breathtaking talent was far more powerful than any fragrance permeating the event.

Wearing a striking red dress and looking as stunning as ever, Yearwood stood before her guests as she unleashed her impeccable talent that had fans at the edge of their seats. Adding her country flair to the iconic ballad, the blonde bombshell sang, “Where trouble melts like lemon drops/ High above the chimney top/ That’s where you’ll find me/ Oh, somewhere over the rainbow bluebirds fly.”

The featured footage from both the singer and guests at the awards ceremony shocked viewers, mesmerized by the singer’s phenomenal approach to the timeless classic. Uploading a portion of the performance to her Facebook page, Yearwood wrote, “Always Remember: And the dreams that you dare to dream really do come true!”

“The Fragrance Foundation, established in 1949, is a not-for-profit whose membership includes more than 82 of the world’s most important corporations in the world of Fragrance,” the organization explains on their website. This coveted, invitation only event is one for the books, becoming an annual milestone that many affiliates strive towards for recognition.

The magical ballad was written exclusively for the 1939 classic The Wizard Of Oz. Sung by actress Judy Garland, the tune became a signature to the singer’s career and earned an Academy Award for Best Original Song. You can listen to a clip of Yearwood’s performance below.