Two Elk Fighting Under Antenna Towers Cause Outage For Folks In Utah

Utah Broadband / Facebook

In Parks City, Utah some High Valley customers of Utah Broadband, a company that offers power, phone and broadband services experienced an outage due to a couple of elks fighting near the main antenna towers.

Utah Broadband posted a video to Facebook on Thursday, March 5th, saying sorry for the outage. They stated when it happened it took them a while to figure out why it was down. It wasn’t until they looked at the security cameras watching over the antennas that they figured out it was two elk responsible for the mess.

“We apologize to a few High Valley customers that went down yesterday. We couldn’t figure out the problem until we checked our camera and found these two guys,” Utah Broadband wrote on Facebook.

Apparently, it’s that time of the year where adult male elk are battling each other over the females and trying to gain dominance over their herds. On this particular day, two males were battling underneath the main antenna towers and one elk pushed the other into the antennas causing the brief outage.

The broadcasting company just wanted to share the video with the public to inform their customers and show them video evidence of exactly how the connection was lost for a bit. You can watch the video for yourself below.

Watch Elk Battle Under Broadband Towers