UK Woman Has Bar Built In Backyard – Was Tired Of Husband Being At The Bar All Night

Caters Video / YouTube

Nothing is better than having a cold beer after a long day of hard work. Sometimes “just one beer” turns into a night of hanging out at the bar.

Well one UK man was sneaking out for a beer with his buddies just a little too much for his wife’s liking. She did what any sensical wife would do. She had a bar built in her backyard.

Okay, maybe it’s not what all wives would do…just cool ones!

She must have known that telling her husband not to go to the bar just wouldn’t work, so why not bring the bar to them so he never has to leave the house?

“My husband Paul had always loved popping down to our local, and I could never seem to keep him at home,” she explained to The Mirror UK. “And so I got thinking – why not create my own pub, become my own landlady and then I can really tell people – my husband’s in the doghouse!”

Jayne Trapper hired some guys to build a bar in her backyard so her husband never has to sneak away for a beer, he just has to go outside! The backyard bar – hilariously called The Doghouse Inn – has all the amenities a normal bar does including multiple beer beer taps.

Jayne says she plans on using The Doghouse Inn when hosting parties and for nights at home with the family.

Watch Jayne and her husband Paul talk about the bar in the video below.