Unhappy Baby Stops Crying Every Time Luke Bryan’s Music Plays

Luke Bryan / Instagram, Laura Teal / YouTube

If there’s one thing we know about babies, it’s this: They cry. A lot! And while sometimes a bottle or a loving embrace may do the trick, it won’t always stop the incessant cries and outbursts. So, when you, as a parent, finally stumble across the magical solution to get your precious bundle of joy out of his or her times of trouble, you cling to it for dear life!

For the parents of little JJ, the solution is simple! They recently discovered their baby’s love for country music star Luke Bryan. After various trial runs, they discovered that baby JJ will always stop crying upon hearing Bryan grace the speakers.

In their uploaded evidence, we are given a very close up view of JJ, boogers and all from his unhappy state of tears! While JJ continues to cry out amidst being held, we suddenly hear Bryan’s sexy hit “Strip It Down”. JJ gradually begins to quiet his cries in a subtle whimper, becoming completely quiet and content within a maximum 10 seconds! 

With bubbles peeking through his smirk, it’s clear this country baby will be sporting a pair of boots in no time at all! 

As for his parents, all they have to do to keep this little cowboy content is “Play It Again”.

Watch the unbelievable moment below!